Korkea Tammi



ota yhteyttä


Immerse yourself in an ageless tale - a time beyond time. Food and drink provide nourishment enough for bodily needs, but the spirit also requires nurturing and sustenance.

For this need, Ældwine have the remedy with story and song a plenty.

With our traditional drinking songs, we will transport you into an age of taverns and ale... of beggars and kings... of knights and maidens... of love spurned and love requited!

We will set your feet stomping and tankards thumping with a fine terpsichory of jigs, reels and polkas - and for those of a softer disposition, we even have a slower waltz or two to offer... and all this set to the lovely strains, of mandolin, harp, pipe and drum. 

Along with this fine musical offering come tales from Köyliö's own soothsayer and wordsmith, stories from an age when the fair folk walked and danced among us and the trees whispered secrets to each other.

Supplement this with a fine medieval banquet provided by the kitchens of Tammi and all in all you will have a feast for all your senses.

If you prefer to enjoy music and tales in more familiar surroundings, the minstrels of Ældwine will happily shoulder their instruments and come and play for you by your own hearth, or wheresoever you choose. 

Ask more from the folks at Tammi!